Tuesday, 05 January 2021

Updated details for Youth Groups.

 Youth Groups for Summer Term 2021:

 For the remainder of the summer term we do not plan to offer virtual youth groups, unless circumstances change. (This does not apply to Deeper, which will remain virtual while the students are away.) So:

 On Sundays, Legacy, a Discipleship group for all young people aged 11-18, will meet In-Person at 10:30am in church. This group will split into 2 age-based groups if need arises. 

 On Mondays, Pulse will meet In-Person, 7:30-9:30 at church. This is a youth club for all young people aged 14-18, with activities and discussion. 

 On Tuesdays, Blaze will meet In-Person, 7:15-8:30 at church. This is a youth club for young people aged 11-14, with activities and discussion. Young people in Year 6 are also welcome to join us this term. 

 On Fridays, Deeper will meet Online, 7-8 on Zoom. This is a Discipleship group for those aged 16-25 wishing to go deeper in their relationship with God. This term we will be using The Prayer Course and learning new ways to enrich our prayer life. 

For more info or questions please contact Helen.

07915983893 / youth@busheybaptist.org.uk